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United States
Always going through RUTS
Working takes all my motivation

||Sakura Hollows||

:iconfairytypeplz: || :icongrasstypeplz: || :iconnormaltypeplz:


Welcome to Sakura Hollows Breeding Directory!
I will be constantly updating, so feel free to check back!

||Ranch Info||

Boxes: 60
Pokemon: 23/60
Males: 12 || Females: 11

||Open for Breeding ||


.:PKMNA:. Naoki - lv. 43 by poketmon .:PKMNA:. Sen - lv. 72 by poketmon .:PKMNA:. Akita - Lv. 81 by poketmon .:PKMNA:. Shizue *100* by poketmon .:PKMNA:. Orochi - lv. 99 by poketmon .:PKMNA:. Haru - Lv. 40 by poketmon .:PKMNA:. Yuuta - lv. 21 by poketmon .:PKMNA:. Nobunaga - Lv. 41 by poketmon 

.:PKMNA:. Mariko - lv. 54 by poketmon .:PKMNA:. Sachi *100* by poketmon .:PKMNA:. Risa *100* by poketmon .:PKMNA:. Honami *100* by poketmon .:PKMNA:. Kimie *100* by poketmon .:PKMNA:. Mizuki - Lv. 44 by poketmon .:PKMNA:. Tsukiko - Lv. 35 by poketmon .:PKMNA:. Shacho - Lv. 39 by poketmon

|| Closed due to under level ||

Any in this category are under level 20!

If you want to breed with them, let me know, and I'll level them!


.:PKMNA:. Kazuya - Lv. 33 by poketmon .:PKMNA:. Aoi - Lv. 35 by poketmon .:PKMNA:. Hari - Lv. 35 by poketmon


.:PKMNA:. Riku - Lv. 29 by poketmon .:PKMNA:. Umeko - Lv. 36 by poketmon

|| Planned Breeding's ||


My sent note's
Other's sent note's

.:PKMNA:. Akita - Lv. 81 by poketmon X Moonlight Vally-Lyla by Halkheart
My sent note's
Other's sent note's

PLEASE! Feel free to Plan a breeding with me! I'd be more than Happy to accept your offer!
  • Listening to: Dj Jo
  • Reading: Words
  • Watching: The screen
  • Playing: with the keys
  • Eating: ideas
  • Drinking: inspiration

:iconnormaltypeplz: || :icongrasstypeplz: || :iconfairytypeplz:

Want to know more about my Ranch?

Any and all Normal types are welcome <3

Igglybuff by CreepyJellyfish  Bunnelby by CreepyJellyfish Audino by CreepyJellyfish Lillipup by CreepyJellyfish Patrat by CreepyJellyfish Glameow by CreepyJellyfish Aipom by CreepyJellyfish

Any and all Grass types are welcome <3

 Chikorita by CreepyJellyfish   Sewaddle by CreepyJellyfish


Azurill by CreepyJellyfish  Dedenne by CreepyJellyfish   Cleffa by CreepyJellyfish 


ONLY :iconfairytypeplz::icongrasstypeplz:, and :iconnormaltypeplz: Hybrids/Blends Please C:

Ponyta by CreepyJellyfish Vulpix by CreepyJellyfish Mareep by CreepyJellyfish Dratini by CreepyJellyfish Lapras by CreepyJellyfish  Swablu by CreepyJellyfish Trapinch by CreepyJellyfish Mudkip by CreepyJellyfish Minun by CreepyJellyfish Plusle by CreepyJellyfish Snorunt by CreepyJellyfish Chingling by CreepyJellyfish  Seviper by CreepyJellyfish  Amaura by CreepyJellyfish Combee by CreepyJellyfish Shinx by CreepyJellyfish  Piplup by CreepyJellyfish Pachirisu by CreepyJellyfish Venipede by CreepyJellyfish Pichu by CreepyJellyfish Emolga by CreepyJellyfish Ducklett by CreepyJellyfish Zorua by CreepyJellyfish Scraggy by CreepyJellyfish Goomy by CreepyJellyfish 
  • Listening to: Dj Jo
  • Reading: Words
  • Watching: The screen
  • Playing: with the keys
  • Eating: ideas
  • Drinking: inspiration


Been thinking- about doing a nuzlocke? I mean- i've pondered doing one for years. Not joking. And like comic, not just playing one. I've done that. 

Probably going to do X version? Cause It seems like a good choice? Wanted to do a gijinka locke- but. im going to just do a regular- i mean. IF i ever do it //sighs

Sometimes I don't understand myself :C
Just wanted to say a quick thank you to those of you who posted on my last Status, about the motivation thing. Im doing okay on that btw, working it slowly and little by little.

I also want to apologize. Mainly b/c i've gotten into this phase where it stresses me out to respond to certain things. SO, apologies in advance if I don't respond to you. I PROMISE i read it! I just get to this point where its hard for me to respond to something. And don't think, oh its just me, cause its not. It a variety of people. It honestly just depends on what's written.

BUT, i just figured instead of stressing myself out responding, i'd just read it and appreciate it and move on. I'm honestly not going to stay like this forever, but right now i've been feeling funny. Like a mixture of, everything i've been going through this past, almost year now. This past year has been REALLY hard on me, so i think is about time i just kinda, take care of myself first.
Gonna have to make this quick. Gotta leave for work soon :'D BUT- story/realization/motivational speech time!!

SO- I was in the shower, b/c you needed to know that, and i started thinking. I was listening to some music and I just had a sudden change. 

I'm... sick of being upset, sad, angry, depressing, a bummer, anxiety filled, not confident. Im sick of it. Im tired of pitying myself and starting arguments for no reason and just- not being me. The REAL me.
I began thinking, if I really hate myself, why wont I change?

If I really hate my body, I can work out.
I can cut the soda's and sugar, dance, bike, run and sing.
If I really hate how I look, I can change.
Change my wardrobe, makeup, attitude, hair.
If I really hate my art, I can practice.
Try new styles, bigger projects, new things.
If I really hate my 'boring' life, I can fix it.
Do more things, go more places.
If I really hate how unorganized I am, I can do something.
Actually write in that journal I bought, clean my life up, be happy.
If I hate how i can't do this or that, I can do it.
I CAN practice sewing, clay work, comics, animation.
If I really hate me, I can be ME
Be the person I actually am, not someone im not.

This was the epiphany I had in the shower. If im so tired. If im so sick of life. If im so- why me? 
Then WHY haven't I tried to change it.
Change, Thats what I want. 
And i'm ready for it.

Starting tonight,
No more soda's/sugar/unhealthy foods
No more clutter
No more saddness
No more- old me.

Anywho- this was more personal than a motivational speech. I just need to get this out of me, and put it in public view so i can remember.
BUT- gotta run to work now!! BYE BYE~!!
For those of you that read my Status last night- im doing better. Already feeling more social and not as stressed about being social. Obviously not 100% better yet, but. Still down on myself and everything, but i feel fine.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to read and comment. It made me feel better just hearing your words. Of course- if you didn't read it, dont worry. It was just venting. That venting helped a lot tho! But- haha. Dont worry, I won't be doing things like that often. Im usually peppy and optimistic so i'll be okay in given time. Poket will be poket soon enough C:
You can ignore this if you want- just getting some things off my chest. Doing something i've... never done publicly on a status update/journal. I think. Anyway- Im venting.
Again- you can ignore. 

So- if anyone has noticed, i've been really quiet lately, at least, i believe so. Like, been taking a while to reply to comments or even do things. Not commenting on stuff like usual nor showing up in the PKMN-Adventures chat lately and if so not for very long. I've been here, im on. I see the comments and see the chat go and I just... Feel stressed when I see it? And commenting on people's lovely work has been a bit stressful too?

I honestly can't say why, other than I have been feeling very down lately. I've... gotten too much time to think about myself and my life, I think. And some things that happened not too too long ago have been.. haunting my mind. Just- been thinking about myself and my body and who i am, and honestly the thoughts haven't been the most positive to say the least. Plus i've been getting really annoyed at the littlest of things. Im usual okay with myself and my drawings/body/life/ect. but, lately I've hit a pit. And all I can think about is, myself. And, how much I hate myself. 

I honestly hit a really low point in mental and emotional stability for some reason. I mean, well, i know where it started but i never expected it to get this bad. I have zero self confidence in myself and who I am, and i get angry/cry at the drop of a hat.

Im going to go ahead and apologize again, because HAH- im being all sad and depressing. I mean, if anyone decided to read this that is. Just- im overall doing okay, just been feeling really weird and what not. Especially when im alone like I am right now. I just- start thinking and thinking and doing nothing. Staring. 

ANYWAY- cheerios everyone. Im going to try and go back to being myself like I always do. I can fix this on my own, so. Just bare with me and my... absence so to say. 

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