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Call me Poket
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Always going through RUTS
Working takes all my motivation
Yes. I am going to be leaving Nation. And no. Not right away.
I still have things i need to do and some clutches I NEED to finish and what not.
PLUS all these babs need a home -> ||Manor Sales|| LEAVING SALE/RARITY SALE
Go on, Go buy them.

These are the mons I will be transferring over to Adventures, if allowed.

10719 - Spirit *100* by poketmon (Mine)

11032 - Fauna *100* by poketmon (Mine)

11053 - Leonard *100* by poketmon (Mine)

13303 - Lockette LV. 21 by poketmon CyphonFiction (Got the okay)

14143 - Plasma LV. 99 by poketmon ShiroHiro (Is PRAYING you let me take him b/c hes so important to me) (GOT THE OKAY ;v;/)

24989 - Persephone LV. 55 by poketmon (Mine)

39945 - Mire LV. 34 by poketmon (Mine)

41729 - Parthia LV. 24 by poketmon (Mine)

41730 - Javelin LV. 30 by poketmon (Mine)

41732 - Armads *100* by poketmon (Mine)

Dec Clutch 2.0 by Nidobun #3 (My design)

.:PKMNation:. January Clutch #1 Offer to adopt! by poketmon D1 (Mine)

49135 - Ismaire  LV. 40 by poketmon (Mine)

.:PKMNation:. January Clutch #1 Offer to adopt! by poketmon  G1 (Mine)

Double clutch VI by LittleNeonBirds A4 LittleNeonBirds
  • Listening to: Dj Jo
  • Reading: Words
  • Watching: The screen
  • Playing: with the keys
  • Eating: ideas
  • Drinking: inspiration
Posted a status but-
I'm contemplating it... Like, hard core. 
Nation just doesn't stick out to me anymore and the only thing you can do there is like- breed and sell or participate in the monthly events. PLUS- the rarities just aren't something I honestly like. Its the main focus of the group but i just dont care about them. I love the gardevoir ones and what not, but overall...

Plus, my ranch just never... evolved or had a story like i wanted it to. It was my fault honestly, cause i took away giving them personalities, and what not. IDK, I just also feel overwhelmed having 3 active groups to keep track of. PLUS- i've got inactive ones or ones i'm planning on leaving/they are closing. 

I also think having 2 groups that are they exact same is hard on me and my brain, and heart. BECAUSE- Adventures STOLE my heart once i heard about it and I became a beta tester. Therefore all my beloved pokes over at Nation started getting left behind. neglected. Uhm- I guess luckily I don't have any Lifemated mons so.. And RabiesGirl. About Fauna and Clover, I can't give that up. Fauna will be going to Adventures if I move so. BUT They can be pen pals and Adelin (who will move over to Adventures as well) will visit OFTEN with your trainer and so Clover can see Fauna. And Fauna is a big girl so she can take 'trips' aka teleport |D over there whenever you have a story and everything all Level gaining aside.

Anyway- wow. I just have so much to say. I'm going to miss Nation if I do leave, but I honestly don't think leaving will be a huge regret. I just haven't been active AT all.

ANYWAY'S. I'm honestly talking myself into it RN
BUT- I won't be leaving until I catch up on ALL my clutches all mons not transferring finding a good home (I will even give some away for FREE just so they don't ROT in my inventory or go to the adoption center). Going to evolve all pokes transferring and probably going to add traits to others b/c i have the stuff for them and have had plans for the longest of time.
I have a lot to get done before I can transfer over to PKMN-Adventures
So i won't be leaving probably until mid summer or whatnot.

Honestly. Im hoping this brings back my drawing motivation cause I just lost it this month OTL

ANYWAY- share your thoughts, I'm honestly set on it right not but-
  • Listening to: Dj Jo
  • Reading: Words
  • Watching: The screen
  • Playing: with the keys
  • Eating: ideas
  • Drinking: inspiration


Gonna have to make this quick. Gotta leave for work soon :'D BUT- story/realization/motivational speech time!!

SO- I was in the shower, b/c you needed to know that, and i started thinking. I was listening to some music and I just had a sudden change. 

I'm... sick of being upset, sad, angry, depressing, a bummer, anxiety filled, not confident. Im sick of it. Im tired of pitying myself and starting arguments for no reason and just- not being me. The REAL me.
I began thinking, if I really hate myself, why wont I change?

If I really hate my body, I can work out.
I can cut the soda's and sugar, dance, bike, run and sing.
If I really hate how I look, I can change.
Change my wardrobe, makeup, attitude, hair.
If I really hate my art, I can practice.
Try new styles, bigger projects, new things.
If I really hate my 'boring' life, I can fix it.
Do more things, go more places.
If I really hate how unorganized I am, I can do something.
Actually write in that journal I bought, clean my life up, be happy.
If I hate how i can't do this or that, I can do it.
I CAN practice sewing, clay work, comics, animation.
If I really hate me, I can be ME
Be the person I actually am, not someone im not.

This was the epiphany I had in the shower. If im so tired. If im so sick of life. If im so- why me? 
Then WHY haven't I tried to change it.
Change, Thats what I want. 
And i'm ready for it.

Starting tonight,
No more soda's/sugar/unhealthy foods
No more clutter
No more saddness
No more- old me.

Anywho- this was more personal than a motivational speech. I just need to get this out of me, and put it in public view so i can remember.
BUT- gotta run to work now!! BYE BYE~!!
For those of you that read my Status last night- im doing better. Already feeling more social and not as stressed about being social. Obviously not 100% better yet, but. Still down on myself and everything, but i feel fine.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to read and comment. It made me feel better just hearing your words. Of course- if you didn't read it, dont worry. It was just venting. That venting helped a lot tho! But- haha. Dont worry, I won't be doing things like that often. Im usually peppy and optimistic so i'll be okay in given time. Poket will be poket soon enough C:
You can ignore this if you want- just getting some things off my chest. Doing something i've... never done publicly on a status update/journal. I think. Anyway- Im venting.
Again- you can ignore. 

So- if anyone has noticed, i've been really quiet lately, at least, i believe so. Like, been taking a while to reply to comments or even do things. Not commenting on stuff like usual nor showing up in the PKMN-Adventures chat lately and if so not for very long. I've been here, im on. I see the comments and see the chat go and I just... Feel stressed when I see it? And commenting on people's lovely work has been a bit stressful too?

I honestly can't say why, other than I have been feeling very down lately. I've... gotten too much time to think about myself and my life, I think. And some things that happened not too too long ago have been.. haunting my mind. Just- been thinking about myself and my body and who i am, and honestly the thoughts haven't been the most positive to say the least. Plus i've been getting really annoyed at the littlest of things. Im usual okay with myself and my drawings/body/life/ect. but, lately I've hit a pit. And all I can think about is, myself. And, how much I hate myself. 

I honestly hit a really low point in mental and emotional stability for some reason. I mean, well, i know where it started but i never expected it to get this bad. I have zero self confidence in myself and who I am, and i get angry/cry at the drop of a hat.

Im going to go ahead and apologize again, because HAH- im being all sad and depressing. I mean, if anyone decided to read this that is. Just- im overall doing okay, just been feeling really weird and what not. Especially when im alone like I am right now. I just- start thinking and thinking and doing nothing. Staring. 

ANYWAY- cheerios everyone. Im going to try and go back to being myself like I always do. I can fix this on my own, so. Just bare with me and my... absence so to say. 
Hmmm- so that Artist vs. Art thing that was/is going around... I was thinking about maybe doing it?? I mean, i've hidden my face for like, my whole dA life and more...
Would anyone be interested in seeing what my ugly mug looks like :'D?? next to some ugly art
My friend Inuinuie is in some trouble RN and is in need of Cash!
They are doing Commissions and trading points for money!
Commission Info: UPDATED COMMISSION INFO by Inuinuie
Points for money:  Trade points for $$I have 3,000 points i wanna turn into cash. Can anyone help? ;3; i seriously need money because shit has hit that fan hardcore and i need cash badly
100 points = $1

Please check them out if you have a paypal and can help out!

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