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Call me Poket
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Ello~! Poketmon here, or as some might call me, Poket!
I typically use Poket as my "name", but truthfully, its only an online nickname, though i do use if for some of my game characters.

I guess you could say I specialize in anime, and my main fandom is Pokemon, though You can find Animal Crossing as well. I don't normally draw fan art from anime's as I prefer to use my own characters and ideas! Of course, a lot of the other things i draw, though, are for the RP groups I'm in!

Some personal info about me... Well, I'm female, if you couldn't already guess that! I am a high school student still, but currently, I'm on summer break. BEST. TIME. EVER. Speaking of school, guess I could tell you my goals, huh. Well, I do plan on becoming an Artist, but I currently don't know exactly What kind of artist i'll be! I guess I need to improve some more to figure that out!

Anyway, I really don't know what else to say! Hmm, well, Feel free to befriend me! I don't bite, i promise!

Thanks for viewing my page!

Find me on:


PKMN-A: Shaylee Castro by poketmon
PKMN-A: Shaylee Castro
NAME: Shaylee Zuru Castro

AGE: 18

GENDER: Female

SPECIES: #560 Scrafty

BIRTHDAY: November 23

HEIGHT: 5' 3"

WEIGHT: 123lbs

NATURE: Relaxed - Laid back and doesn't worry or stress too much. Not strict or severe in her actions. 

ABILITY: Moxie - Attack raises after a knock out. Gets pumped up for a fight.

HOME TOWN: Castelia City, Unova

PERSONALITY: She is almost always smiling, very cheery and very people oriented. She hates to see others being bullied or teased, and will immediately stick up for the individual. She isn't very fond of being violent, but does enjoy a good match or fair fight. She isn't someone who looks down on others and is someone who is very encouraging and optimistic. She shows barely any sadness even if her best friend is no longer around. She enjoys hugs and physical contact and believes that is the easiest way to forming a friendship, though she does know her boundaries. She is terrified of being left alone and thus is an extroverted person, though she does enjoy alone time. She has a little bit of a sharp tongue, and tends to "punch" back if someone insults her. Overall flirtatious and Energetic.

HISTORY: Shaylee has always been a little sharp tongued, but what could you do with an environment that was nothing but fights and gossip. She happened to be born and raised in the shady part of Castelia city, her home a connected to a cafe that her parents ran daily. Aside from living in an undisired location, the family cafe had quiet the business. And, unlike normal children her age, she helped work the family business. Living in the shady part of Castelia wasn't all to bad, but as cliche as it sounds, it could be better. 

She grew up quite sheltered, and was actually home schooled until her 3nd year in middle school. She was ahead of her class, and had no friends. Her parents, A Scrafty mother and Simisear father, encouraged her to go to a normal school to make friends and have some fun. They knew that no kid wanted to just work, do schoolwork, and stay cooped up inside by themselves. Shaylee, though, wasn't too estatic about it. It wasn't as if they made her stay inside, nor did they force her to work.

With a little bit of reluctance, Shaylee began Fresman year at West Castelia High. Her first day was awful. She was alone, scared, and the talk of the school. As soon as she stepped onto school campus, she was picked on by female students due to her apperance. She never particuarly dressed up, and perfered to stay comfy. She saw how she stuck out like a sore thumb, and it wasn't something she was used to. That day was the longest day of her life. And at that point in time, she hated where she lived and herself. She saw fights after fights, with little to no teachers doing anything about it. She was the center of attention and almost ended up in a fight herself, but chickened out and ran away, which made it even worse. She had never fought anybody ever, and didn't exactly want to start now, but it was unavoidable.

Her first week dragged, she was contantly picked on, ended up in few fights in which she lost, and had not made a friend yet. Her parents obviously saw the scratches and bangs on her face and instantly regretted their decision to put her in school. They attempted to take her out, but Shaylee had actually declined the idea. She wasn't fond of staying, but actually enjoyed the prescence of other people, even if at times it was a bad presence. In an attempt to get rid of the negetive attention, she decided to change herself, starting with her appearence. Lucky for her, she had never spent any allowences or money she recieved. She studied fashion, hair, makeup, and a bit of fighting. Being the quick learner she is, she managed to learn everything that weekend.

Going into school Monday morning, she seemed to get more attention than before. Changing her looks had a huge impact, and as she perdicted, it changed it for the better. She wasn't picked on anymore, save for the minority, and she knew how to stand up for herself in fights. Not only did she improve her school life, but she gained a few friends in the process. She refered to them as more aquentinces though as they never did anything other than talk during school.

Along with her new looks and confiendence came boys. The only type of boys you could find in her school were the ones that flirted. Unfortuently for her, The boys only liked her for her looks and never personally tried to get to know her, except for one. He was the first and only person Shaylee had ever considered a friend. His name was Micheal.

Shaylee and Micheal were really close, they weren't dating, but they did have a casual flirt at times. Micheal introduced Shaylee to many things that made her who she is. Video games was the main one, but she was also introduced to difference genres of music, dancing, kickboxing, and one of the favorite pastimes, the electric guitar. He was the only one to ever hear Shaylee play aside from her parents.

The three years she spent at that school shaped her up greatly. She grew stronger and evolved, picked up flirting, knew a thing or two about video games and learned to play the electric guitar. She was having the best time of her life. Even as she was growing in a bad environment of fights and bullies, she managed to keep up her grades as well. Her parents had never been so proud to call her their daughter.

But, with good times comes difficulties. Micheal was a year older than Shaylee and he was graduating. He had made the decision to graduate in December and move. Shaylee was devestated. He hadn't told her until a week before he was leaving. She was loosing her best friend, someone who taught her everything she knew to having fun, and it broke her. She wasn't about to tell him not to go, but she wished that he would have told her. That week was the same as her first week freshman year. It dragged, she was miserable, and was about to be alone again.

His final day came and Shaylee shed more than a few tears. She looked like a mess, but it wasn't something he hadn't seen before, She looked like this when she studied and when she did anything at home. She sent him off with a smile, but her eyes full of tear. She made him promise to keep in touch with her, and luckily he kept that promise. 

That Monday she skipped school, and was depressed. Her parents noticed this and started talking to her about it. She told them that Micheal moved away and she didn't have any motivation to go to school right now. They showed her a voucher for a school that was an island school and that you lived on campus. She took it from them and gave it a good look. With her best friend gone it was an easy decision. She said yes and immedietly began packing her clothes, guitar and a few other nessecities. She looked at her room one more time and with a smile got int the taxi to head on her way to her new school life.

CHARACTERISTICS: Mischeivous. She is a bit of a flirter, and doesn't especially call anyone by their given name to often. She tends to call people Babe, Hottie, Hot stuff, Sugar, ect. She has a bad habit of not knowing when to stop with any teasing or jokes until its gone too far. She is a sincere person.

HOBBIES: Dressing up in new Fashions, Playing the Electric guitar, Dancing, Listening to music, Kickboxing, Video Games, Flirting, Talking to her best friend Micheal. 



:icondarktypeplz:     Feint Attack
:iconnormaltypeplz:     Leer
:iconfightingtypeplz:     Low Kick    
:icongroundtypeplz:     Sand Attack
:iconnormaltypeplz:      Headbutt 
:iconnormaltypeplz:      Swagger 
:iconfightingtypeplz:     Brick Break
:icondarktypeplz:     Payback 
:iconnormaltypeplz:     Chip Away
:iconfightingtypeplz:     High Jump
:iconnormaltypeplz:     Scary Face
:icondarktypeplz:     Crunch
:iconfiretypeplz:     Fire Punch (EGG)


HOUSE: Fable

-Math II
-Sex Ed

Tech Ed


-Her parents call her Lee
-Dresses like a girl, but inside she's a tomboy
-Acts more like a guy than a girl
-Loves to play the Electric Guitar
-Plays her fair share of Video games
-Picked up slang words, aka Peace, Whatev, trippin, T'sup.
-Lived in the shady part of Castelia
-Her best friend is a boy named Micheal
-Good academically
-Doesn't mind being called Shay, Lee, or Shaylee
-Flirts like a guy would flirt
-Loves to hang around people
-Her favorite food is Spicy Curry
-Loves the color Red
-Practices Kickboxing in her spare time 
Linde training 2 by poketmon
Linde training 2
I cant help it ;w;

Full Body x14 (28) + Shading x14 (28) + BG x14 (28) = 84 lvls!
Linde is already level 100
84 Levels left
6 Levels to  Aora - Aora grows to level 10!
78 Levels left
2 Levels to  Ara - Ara grows to level 10!
76 Levels left
3 Levels to  Piper - Piper grows to level 10!
73 Levels left
3 Levels to  Avian - Avian grows to level 10!
70 Levels left
5 Levels to  Prince - Prince grows to level 100!
65 Levels left
16 Levels to  Nosferatu - Nosferatu grows to level 100!
54 Levels left
17 Levels to  Aeon - Aeon grows to level 35!
37 Levels left
10 Levels to  Ocean - Ocean grows to level 36!
27 Levels left
27 Levels to  Keira - Keira grows to level 57!
0 Levels left
Linde Training 1 by poketmon
Linde Training 1
I don't have the time to level bby's so they get ditto training ;q;

Full Body x21 (42) + Shading x21 (42) + BG x21 (42) = 126 lvls!

Linde grows to level 100
36 levels left over
EXP shared to Nosferatu
Mickey Burnes by poketmon
Mickey Burnes
PHEW- Got this done in time!
Gonna try and get into :iconstmortiel: So meet Mickey Burnes! She basically is based off of myself :'D


:bulletgreen:Name: Mickey Burnes
          Nickname(s): Mick, Mi, Mimi
:bulletgreen:Age: 17
:bulletwhite:Birthday: October 4, 1997
:bulletgreen:Gender: Female
:bulletwhite:Height: 5'4"
:bulletgreen:Weight: 120 lbs.

Character Information

:bulletgreen:Hometown: Nacrene City | Unova
               - Mickey can always find the positive in everything. She never bothers to think of the negatives. She's always in a Happy mood, and she never has a dull moment.
               - Mickey is the type of person to push someone to do something they are iffy on. She usually always finds a way to get that person to do what they really want to do.
               - Mickey has a hard time letting things truly get to her. She doesn't let anything bother her and she can always just brush words aside. Never outwardly shows her anger or sadness. This though, can backfire as once the bottle of negative emotions overflows it'shard to pull her back up. She can end up in a depression funk for up to a week or two due to this.
               - She doesn't stress or worry about anything irreverent to her. She isn't much of a sports person and prefers sitting in her room watching Anime or reading books. But this can put her off as a very lazy person that doesn't care about anyone but herself, which isn't true.
               - Mickey is a very shy and timid person upon first meetings. Sometimes, if you perk her interest she'll talk like she's known you for a few days but then cries afterward because of what she said and how she acted.
               - Mickey doesn't like big crowds and prefers to stick to her best friends. She can make a lot of friends, but she'll tend to show a bit of favoritism towards her best friends without meaning to.

Mickey was born and Raised in Nacrene City, Unova up until now. She has had a bit of a complicated past as she has had 3 fathers. Her first father, who was a Whimsicott had left Mickey's mother, a Leafeon, before her birth. A year later, Her mother met an Ursaring. He would bring about he one and only little sister, who was a teddiursa. She grew up with him as her father until she was about 6 years of age. Unfortunetly, her mother couldn't love him as she thought she could so they split up, as a couple. She tried to give her kids a father, but it only brought about her unhappiness, and he was always gone to different places in Unova due to his job. Mickey could sense that. And no matter how much her and her sister disliked it, they decided that it was for the best, if it was what their mother wanted. Mickey still see's that father quiet often and he is the one that blesses her with every electronic she owns. From this point, she didn't really have her own father. Or one that lived with them. It wasn't too bad of a life, in fact it was still a happy one. Mickey's aunt had moved in with them and they lived that like for the next year and a half.

Around Mickey's 8th year in life, her mother finally met the man she would still be married to this day. He was a Lucario, and this is the father that adopted and called Mickey his own. He moved in with the family of four and now made it five. They lived like that until her aunt moved out when Mickey was 9. When Mickey was 10, her little brother was born. He was a 10 year younger Eevee baby brother. She was living a happy life, normal life. 

Growing up, Mickey was quite the normal child, uninterested in Anime, Manga, or even video games. She would go outside every day and play with the friends she had in her neighborhood, having one best friend she saw about every day. She was quite the rowdy, tomboyish kid. Always outside playing in the dirt, exploring the big forest behind her house, Not coming home until dark. She was also a bold, outgoing, friends with everyone kind of girl. She was like this until she reached her high school year.

Once High school hit, everything had changed. She got into Anime, manga, drawing, video games, and became less interested in going outside. She had to go to a different school than all her friends as she had moved to a different part of Nacrene City. She then became more how she is today. She went from an extrovert to an introvert, Outgoing to Shy, Rowdy to Relaxed. She always stayed positive and encouraging though, even if she wasn't the happiest having to start all over.

Like she has always been, she did her best at her new school, and met a few close friends but it was nothing compared to how she used to be. She became more and more of a shut in. She never left her room except to eat, which she did quite often. She almost ignored her family and friends as she stuck to herself. She was always happy, but always alone. Her parents saw this, and they didn't like. They talked to her often, but nothing really changed. Eventually she opened back up to them and stopped 'ignoring' her family. She was till a shut in, and that still bothered her parents.

At Mickey's 17th birthday, they brought up moving to another school, along with giving her a sun stone allowing her to evolve. A prestigious school, and a new form. To get Mickey away from this stifling city and out of her room. To the surprise of her parent's, Mickey agree'd. She was actually really happy about it and couldn't help getting excited. She finished her year in school and said her goodbyes to her friends in school. Then using the sun stone she evolved into what she is now. She wanted to get away from this place, it had changed her, and she wasn't very fond of it. It was a perfect way to get away and enjoy the rest of her school life, and her new form was a perfect way to make a fresh start. So, she packed up all of her belongings and got into the Taxi to head to her new school. St. Mortiel.

Pokemon Information

:bulletwhite:Species: Whimsicott :iconwhimsicottplz:
:bulletgreen:Nature: Hasty
:bulletwhite:Characteristics: Loves to Eat
:bulletgreen:Ability: Infiltrator
:bulletwhite:Typing: :icongrasstypeplz::iconfairytypeplz:
:bulletgreen:Level: 37
:bulletwhite:Evolution Level: Cottonee -> Level 37 -> Whimsicott
:icongrasstypeplz:     Absorb
:iconfairytypeplz:     Fairy Wind
:iconnormaltypeplz:     Growth
:icongrasstypeplz:     Leech Seed
:icongrasstypeplz:     Stun Spore
:icongrasstypeplz:     Mega Drain
:icongrasstypeplz:     Cotton Spore
:icongrasstypeplz:     Razor Leaf
:iconpoisontypeplz:     Poison Powder
:icongrasstypeplz:     Giga Drain
:iconfairytypeplz:     Charm
:iconnormaltypeplz:     Helping Hand
:icongrasstypeplz:     Energy Ball
:icongrasstypeplz:     Cotton Guard

:bulletwhite:TM/HM/Egg Moves:
:iconpsychictypeplz:     Rest (HM)
:iconnormaltypeplz:     Sleep Talk (HM)
:iconfairytypeplz:     Dazzling Gleam (HM)
:icongrasstypeplz:     Solar Beam (HM)

School Information

:bulletgreen:Grade: 5th
Math: Calculus 
Science: Geo-science
Social Studies: Psychology 
World Languages: Japanese II
Language: Film as Narrative
Art: Graphic Design I
Physical Education and Health: Introduction to Fitness for non-Athletes
Religious Studies
Business: Marketing

:bulletgreen:Extracurricular Activities:
Swimming Club | Gaming Club


- Loves playing Fire Emblem: Awakening, Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon, and Pokemon especially.
- Owns a 3DS, Wii, GameCube, iPad, Computer, and a Phone.
- Artistic, Owns many sketchbooks and a drawing tablet.
- Loves watching anime, especially fond of Attack on Titan, Haikyuu, Free, and Tokyo Ghoul.
- Loves Vocaloid, and even owns a Cosplay of Len Kagamine.
- Has a lot of anime posters, plushies, and a few figures.
- Get's obsessed over certain characters...
- Loves Dubstep, Jpop, Kpop, Techno, and Vocaloid. Along with some rock, metal, and chill mixed in. HATES COUNTRY!
- Dislikes the color pink, Loves the color red.
- Most of the time, she has her hair back/up.
- Hates exercising, but is in love with swimming.
- LOVES FOOD. Ice cream, fajita's, ramen, sushi. Likes a lot, and eats a lot...
- Can usually find her with a snack or gum.
- Actually not very girly, still more of a tomboy. Even if she likes fashion.
- Boot's are her favorite kind of shoe.
PKMN Ideas by poketmon

These are my NON RALTS designs. I have over 20 ralts crosses that I need to breed. But aside from them, I have a lot of other pokemon that I'd love to get as well.

I can make the Riolu/Zoura on my OWN
I can make the Spiritomb/Gastly on my OWN

I need people who can help me with the Chikorita/Honedge

This one was going to be flexible, but my honedge is... underleveled and I'd rather not draw him...
I need a MALE honedge CROSS

Rin - PKMNation by poketmon x ???

Levels do not matter to me too much, just as long as they are over level 10. If anyone actually wants to breed for any of the others i'd actually be grateful for it. So offer away! I'll also put down other crosses that I would like, and what I would need to get them so if you want to help me Breed for some of those, PLEASE offer away!



Seriously. ANYTHING.

I can either provide a LV.100 FEMALE RALTS
An Unreffed FEMALE Ralts/Mawile
An unreffed FEMALE poison FUSION ralts
An unreffed FEMALE ice FUSION ralts

PKMN I don't need for Ralts Crosses



I don't know what it is with me and mawile, but i LOVE making crosses of them. so again ANYTHING will do.
I can provide a MALE nidoran/mawile (Who is in the PokePark, but i can take him out if needed)
An unreffed FEMALE ralts/mawile

PKMN I don't need for Mawile Crosses



I don't why but Eevee is another FAVORITE. so again ANYTHING will do.
I can provide a FEMALE SHINY eevee
FEMALE CROSS onix/eevee/charmander
An unreffed FEMALE CROSS shellos/omic/eevee

PKMN I don't need for Eevee Crosses


Now for the rest of my "wishlist"

I have a MALE SHINY Phantump so I will need a FEMALE CROSS of:

AND GUYS, If you dont see one on my wishlist you'd like to do, im honestly open to anything. Really. I'd love to get more breeding offers no matter what.

You can check out my PKMNation inventory for other POKEMON! Don't be afraid to ASK for one EVEN if they arent REFFED or LEVELED! Really. It'll give me an excuse to ref and level some Mons so PLEASE ASK FOR BREEDINGS! I LOVE DOING THEM!





1. Feather by poketmon X PKMNation: Mothman by M1LK-CH3RRY 
Clutch Size : 3
Species Numbers : 3 Cross (2 male Cross)
Males : 2
Females : 1
Shiny : 0
Morphs : 0
Fusions : 0
Crossbreeds : 3
Base Attack : 23
Clutch ID : 3454
2. Sheltered Falls -Giesha- by Apricotthevixen X Leevi - PKMNation by poketmon
Clutch Size : 8
Species Numbers : 5 Aron 1 Smoochum 2 Gastly (ALL as we are going to breed again)
Males : 7
Females : 1
Shiny : 0
Morphs : 0
Fusions : 0
Crossbreeds : 0
Base Attack : 30
Clutch ID : 3486
3. PKMNation: Reference - Obsidiana by StarCrosst x Leonard - PKMNation by poketmon 
Clutch Size : 7
Species Numbers : 3 Fennekin 2 Nidoran 1 Cross 1 Mawile (1 female cross, 2 female nidorans)
Males : 1
Females : 6
Shiny : 1
Morphs : 0
Fusions : 1
Crossbreeds : 1
Base Attack : 17
Clutch ID : 3515

1. [PKMNation] Yukio Reference by KiwiCactus X 11740 - Roxanne by poketmon
2. PKMNation - Bluebell Ref by HK66 X 13968 - Cloude by poketmon
Clutch Size : 3
Species Numbers : 1 Cross 1 Deino 1 Gastly (1 male cross)
Males : 3
Females : 0
Shiny : 0
Morphs : 0
Fusions : 0
Crossbreeds : 1
Base Attack : 9
Clutch ID : 3470
3. Lucy - PKMNation by poketmon X [PKMNation] Vernon by rakadishu
Clutch Size : 7
Species Numbers : 5 Cross 1 Tepig 1 Trubbish (3 Cross 2 males 1 female)
Males : 5
Females : 2
Shiny : 0
Morphs : 0
Fusions : 0
Crossbreeds : 5
Base Attack : 22
Clutch ID : 3471




1. Sprinkle - PKMNation by poketmon X [PKMNation] Vernon by rakadishu
Clutch Size : 4
Species Numbers : 3 Grimer 1 Cross (1 male cross)
Males : 3
Females : 1
Shiny : 0
Morphs : 0
Fusions : 0
Crossbreeds : 1
Base Attack : 15
Clutch ID : 3591

2. Sabre *100* by Orion-Starshine29074 - Nosferatu *100* by poketmon
3. Hoshi *100* by Orion-Starshine X Keira - PKMNation by poketmon
Clutch Size : 2
Species Numbers : 1 Cross 1 Eevee (ALL TY TY Orion!)
Males : 0
Females : 2
Shiny : 0
Morphs : 0
Fusions : 0
Crossbreeds : 1
Base Attack : 26
Clutch ID : 3592

1. Broken Rainbow Ranch Alexandre *100* by Crazy-OC-lover X Stitche by poketmon 
Clutch Size : 3
Species Numbers : 1 Shuppet 1 Cross 1 Deino (ALL)
Males : 1
Females : 2
Shiny : 0
Morphs : 0
Fusions : 0
Crossbreeds : 1
Base Attack : 23
Clutch ID : 3590
2. Ember Pkmnaition App by lightheumbreon X 14143 - Plasma by poketmon
3. PyroCb Meadows - Kid Evolved by heathenchild139 X 29438 - Forseti by poketmon
Clutch Size : 4
Species Numbers : 4 Cross 
Males : 1
Females : 3
Shiny : 3
Morphs : 1
Fusions : 3
Crossbreeds : 4
Base Attack : 25
Clutch ID : 3703




1. [PKMNation] Cicero by rakadishu X 24989 - Persephone by poketmon
2. PKMNation Gandalf by kitzune-griffith X Lucina by poketmon
3. Fauna - PKMNation by poketmon X PKMNation-Clover 2 by RabiesGirl

1. Xia by Orion-Starshine X Leevi - PKMNation by poketmon

2. Cobalt *100* by Orion-Starshine X Diana by poketmon
3. [PKMNation] Yukio Reference by KiwiCactus X 11740 - Roxanne by poketmon(




1. [PKMNation] Inky by rakadishu X 13100 - Cherry by poketmon
2.Diana by poketmon X PKMNation Ovinnik by kitzune-griffith

3.Luke - PKMNation by poketmon X Pkmnation Yin by kitzune-griffith

1. PKMNation-Mimi by RabiesGirl X Leonard - PKMNation by poketmon

2. PKMNation-Sammy by RabiesGirl X Leevi - PKMNation by poketmon

3. PKMNation-Bear by RabiesGirl X 11740 - Roxanne by poketmon




PKMNation-Tilly by RabiesGirl X Leonard - PKMNation by poketmon

Sheltered Falls -Giesha- by Apricotthevixen X Leevi - PKMNation by poketmon 

PKMNation: Seraph by Rosbelle X Avian - PKMNation by poketmon (NEED TO LEVEL)
PKMNation: DJ Hubble by Rosbelle X 29438 - Forseti by poketmon (NEED TO LEVEL)
PKMNation: Mortuus by Rosbelle X 24989 - Persephone by poketmon (NEED TO LEVEL)
1. Luke - PKMNation by poketmon X PKMNation Drys by kitzune-griffith



PKMNation: Ceres by Rosbelle X Leonard - PKMNation by poketmon
Ember Pkmnaition App by lightheumbreon X 14143 - Plasma by poketmon

Hope you plan on breeding with me! Even if you guys don't have any special traits to your mon's! I won't turn you down! So even newbies can breed with me just to get a pokemon YOU want!
  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: Dj Jo
  • Reading: Words
  • Watching: The screen
  • Playing: with the keys
  • Eating: ideas
  • Drinking: inspiration

This is for selling pokemon that are either left from clutches or Pokemon that I feel could have a better home.

If you see a pokemon here that I purchased from you, please don't feel bad. I love them, but they can go to better homes!

Unreffed Pokemon

Kangaskhan - Male - From the Trail

Reffed Pokemon

You don't Know how much I HATE to give these guys away, It really breaks my heart that im having to let ANY of these guys go! More will most likely be added as I gain more crossbred/fusions of those pokemon....

Zero - PKMNation by poketmon
(Level 14)
50 :points: or 10 levels
I'll miss the little guy, but I already have a crossbreed zorua, so there is not much point of keeping him...

Sprinkle - PKMNation by poketmon
(Level 36)
75 :points: or 15 levels
I'll definitely miss her, but I know she won't be put to use nor loved here ;w;

Clutch Pokemon

WILL HAGGLE ON ALL NORMAL PRICES (Crosses/Fusions/Shines/Morphs excluded)

Clutch Dump - OPEN (1 Left | Zubat) by poketmon
#3 on Pink clutch OPEN (Zubat)
(Been unwanted for too long)

Clutch Dump - OPEN - FREE ARON by poketmon
#3 on Green(lime) Clutch OPEN
(been unwanted for too long)

Clutch Dump - OPEN - LOWERED PRICES by poketmon
#2 on Grey Clutch OPEN (Gastly)
25 :points: or 5 levels (willing to haggle if needed)
#1, #2, #4, #5 and #7 on Pink&Blue Clutch OPEN
25 :points: or 5 levels (willing to haggle if needed)

.:February Clutch Dump:. 14 LEFT by poketmon
# 2 on B (blue) Clutch OPEN (Tepig)
50 :points: or 10 levels (willing to haggle if needed)
#1 and #2 on C (yellow) Clutch OPEN
50 :points: or 10 levels (willing to haggle if needed)
#1 on D (green) Clutch OPEN (Nidoran)
50 :points: or 10 levels (willing to haggle if needed)
#1, #2 and #3 on E (purple) Clutch OPEN
50 :points: or 10 levels (willing to haggle if needed)
#2 on F (orange) Clutch OPEN (charmander)
50 :points: or 10 levels (willing to haggle if needed)
#1 and #3 on G (pink) Clutch OPEN
50 :points: or 10 levels (willing to haggle if needed)
#4, #5 and #6 on H (aqua) Clutch OPEN
50 :points: or 10 levels (willing to haggle if needed)
  • Mood: Pirate
  • Listening to: ME!ME!ME!
  • Reading: Words
  • Watching: The screen
  • Playing: with the keys
  • Eating: ideas
  • Drinking: inspiration

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